Karen Glass, teller of tales

Karen is a professional storyteller who performed through her home area of NY State. By day she is director of a rural library in Keene Valley, a small town in upstate NY. She tells stories in classrooms to preschool through high school ages, has performed in local theatre, and as part of conferences, fairs and other events. She's also released several CDs. She specializes in folk tales from different countries, value stories (anti-bullying, cooperation, patience, etc), upstate NY (Adirondack) history and women's history.

Karen Solo ShotStory has been a central theme for me. I loved to read as a
child and would get lost in a book. I remember my mom’s
frustration when she would come running from three rooms
away to answer the ringing telephone only to find me sitting
oblivious to its ringing there on a chair beside it. I was
somewhere else where telephone sounds didn’t reach.

I majored in English literature in college, immersing myself in
stories from Beowulf to Frodo from Tess to Sadako. The
beauty of the use of language may have defined literature for some, but I was always hooked on the story.

It was during my college years that I told stories of a small benevolent troll I had met under the log bridge on campus. My friends thought I was providing patter while they tuned their guitars between songs. I was just letting them know there was more to life than textbooks and tunes. There were stories! Learn more.

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